Anti Aging Speaker

A motivational speaker who helps you grow young

America's preeminent Anti-Aging Psychologist, Dr. Michael Brickey
helps you develop your Anti-Aging ABCs ® (Attitudes, Beliefs, & Coping Skills)

Anti-Aging ABCs Dealing with death Audience questions

From top right to bottom (Anti-aging ABCs®, Dealing with Death, Audience Questions)

Keynote & Seminar Topics:

  • Reverse Aging by Changing Your Mind
  • Your Anti-Aging ABCs® (Attitudes, Beliefs, & Coping Skills)
  • Life Makeovers from the Inside Out
  • Helping Our Patients and Ourselves Age Well

Dr. Brickey will help you:

  • Acquire the longevity secrets of healthy, vital centenarians.
  • Understand why health and vitality usually do not require extreme diets or extreme fitness programs.
  • Learn the 4 Attitudes—Optimism, Gratitude, Dealing with it, and Embracing lifelong learning and change—that foster living well.
  • Discover the 36 beliefs that foster living well.
  • Develop coping skills that are vital to a healthy life, including having serenity about loved ones dying.
  • Anticipate the cultural, economic, and informational changes that foster longevity and what to expect in the future.
  • Appreciate how genetic engineering, tissue engineering, new hormone therapies, and other scientific advances in the next ten years will enable most of us to live longer and healthier lifestyles.
  • Use these concepts to help you and your clients live better lives (and have a greater appreciation of your services)

Ageless Lifestyles

Dr. Brickey has interviewed more than a hundred anti-aging experts. You can listen to or download these free fifty-minute MP3 interviews at

About Dr. Brickey

Defining and achieving dreams

Whether speaking, coaching, or using hypnosis, Dr. Michael Brickey helps people be crystal clear about who they are, what they want, why, and how to achieve it.  He believes change can be easy, fast, and painless when you engineer it well.

Anti Aging: Living well into our hundreds

An anti aging authority, he is especially interested in what it takes mentally to live well into our hundreds and predicts 50,000 Baby Boomers will live to 150 and still be sharp mentally and physically. His book, Defy Aging, was featured on Oprah, CNN, and the Voice of America. His hypnosis CDs help people effortlessly absorb ageless concepts. His newest book 52 baby steps to Grow Young gives 2-page-a-week steps for a youthful mindset at every age.

Professional experience

Dr. Brickey has pursued the cutting edge of helping people in his more than thirty years as a rehabilitation counselor, alcoholism counselor, administrator, researcher, associate professor, training director, author, psychologist, and life makeover coach. Currently he focuses on speaking, writing, hypnosis, and coaching.

Professional credentials

  • Ph.D. in Psychology from The Ohio State University
  • Board certified in Behavioral Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology (achieved by only about 2% of psychologists)
  • Fellow in the American Psychological Association (achieved by only about 2% of psychologists)
  • Licensed psychologist (Ohio)
  • Host of Ageless Lifestyles®, podcast interviews with anti-aging experts
  • Medical staff of several hospitals
  • Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner
  • Distinguished Toastmaster
  • Previous distinctions include: Editor The Independent Practitioner, Certified Alcoholism Counselor, ASCH Certified Hypnotist and Hypnosis Consultant, Fellow in the American Association of Mental Deficiency, developing and serving as Training Director for what was the only APA approved Doctoral Psychology Internship program sponsor-ed by a private practice.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Michael Brickey
The Ageless Lifestyles® Institute LLC
865 College Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43209